What is AIE?


Artiqox Energy (AIE) is an evolution of Artiqox. It is using NXT blockchain source code, thanks to that it comes with many features out of the box. Artiqox team will use AIE blockchain for future developments. Legacy AIQ blockchain holdings will be swapped into AIQ Asset represented on AIE blockchain in ratio 1:1. After that swap any amount left to 770 000 000 AIQ will be distributed to the holders in a form of airdrop and/or trading competition.


Artiqox Energy will have a total of 1 000 000 000 supply, it’s distribution will be as follows:

AIQ Holders Dividends

Half of AIE total supply will be distributed to AIQ holders. The speed at which they get distributed will vary over time. At first the dividend amount will be quite large, but ultimately it will be reduced. Payment will be done every 60 blocks, such timing will spread the distribution over 7 years (approximately, assuming block time as 60 seconds).

*the above table (its first two columns) will be modified as first block height will be known only after the swap is complete.


Guaranteed PoS Rewards

To increase rewards for node operators 10 percent of AIE total supply will be used. To achieve that, fees paid during dividends payment will be artificially increased from a default value of 1 AIE.

NXT License Fee

AIE is using NXT source code, in return 10 percent of total AIE supply needs to be paid to NXT holders. This process happens automatically during genesis block creation so nxt holders can already claim their share.

Developer Rewards

15 percent of total AIE supply will be used to encourage developers to build on AIE. This funds will be only paid after successful roll out of working products.

Operational Funds

5 percent will be secured for operational and maintenance, those are funds needed to run team’s servers and domains as well as other costs.

Marketing Funds

100 000 000 will be used to fund community events and airdrops as well as exchanges listings.