The 3 pillars

Artiqox (AIQ) is the name of our project. AIQ is not just a single application or implementation in the blockchain world, AIQ is a whole ecosystem.

AIQ wants to become one of the largest innovation centers worldwide. As a mentoring platform for existing companies as well as for completely inexperienced startups, we would like to take up the challenge and set innovative and new standards in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

We will only be able to gain competitive advantage by working closely with our clients and the industry and by adapting AIQ to the needs, wishes and challenges of AI-based products and services.

The increasing networking across different sectors and countries is reflected in the increasing digital networking of the economy. So are production, service and procurement processes are becoming increasingly digitized.

The resulting insight is that we are in a structural change. Future oriented and above all, competitive companies and especially governments have to deal with the topic of artificial intelligence. At governmental level, strategies for dealing with and promoting ‘intelligent machines’ must be developed.

There is a lot to catch up to because watching various industries or just by reading the press alone, we quickly realizes that in some countries there is a massive lack of awareness about artificial intelligence.

Through AIQ we want to connect companies and start-ups with the science of blockchain / Tangle technology. AIQ wants to be the initiator, with the goal of “symbiosis”.

The main functions of the Artiqox ecosystem can be divided into three main pillars, but in all areas are the continuation of business activities under unforeseen difficult conditions is always the target. We would like to emphasize that an open and in all business areas innovative, purpose oriented usability has the highest goal for us.

This corporate pillar will be dedicated to what is likely to be the fastest growing area in the future, the upcoming or existing start-ups for artificial intelligence. We want to help startups to start and relieve them when it comes to financing. So far, the international importance of young technology companies is quite manageable, but that will change in the coming years. Everyone recognizes clear evidence for the high potential of artificial intelligence in industrial applications. So many brilliant individuals, alone or formed into groups, are forging new ways and are trying to present AI to the world. However, a targeted research and implementation needs appropriate financial resources. Not every startup is fortunate and is supported by a wealthy private investor or gets a state sponsorship. AIQ wants to give every innovative idea in the field of artificial intelligence the chance to realize itself and the project.

Through our AIQ Coin on our portal we will carry out the collection and implementation of financial resources. We take care probably of one of the most difficult and time-intensive areas of a  young company – the advertising, support, advice to its investors, the final financial implementation is implemented by Artiqox for the respective startup.

In this way, these still inexperienced companies can focus on the essentials of development and research.

Artiqox will accelerate the understanding and implementation of AI applications and create transparencies through the blockchain technology and our business philosophy. We will bring Artificial Intelligence into a new age, especially with regard to the acceptance of companies and governments.

The blockchain offers possibilities unknown to date only in terms of data transmission, security and speed as well as the implementation of applications. The focus of communication between artificial intelligence will be to make it safe, for example the blockchain can be designed specifically for the identification and registration of robots. This gives us the potential to create a new standard for the secure exchange of data between machines or AI’s.

The core idea of ​​AIQ is the creation of a constantly advancing connection between technology and business, providing an official opportunity for companies and industry to operate, register and operate their robots safely.

We will properly evaluate and address the digital transformation and the possibilities of the respective artificial intelligence for our customers, thereby generating a growth engine for the entire industry. It will not always be smooth, there will be processes that no one today knows you need to work on, but AIQ will be breaking new ground and adapting to the needs of its customers, thus achieving the goal together. The focus is now no longer on startups alone, but also on existing companies looking for help or a creative and innovative practical implementation.

The overall goal of AIQ, which will also have an impact on the application of our ecosystem, is our connection, which we want to create between two future oriented technologies. We end the competition and create a new unit, a new opportunity and minimized the risks. An often neglected generic term is the ‘consensus’, but the blockchain and tangle technology is actually just because of this consensus. The blockchain with its network, allows a fixed record and thereby creates a consensus. Once recorded data can neither be changed or deleted, so that these data are transparent and tamper-proof. When through the Blockchain Artificial Intelligence, is made an agreement we will had to ensure a high level of safety.

Another factor of safety is the decentralized nature of the blockchain, which prevents central control of the data by one or more users or artificial intelligence alone.

However, there are corrected questions about the speed and efficiency of data transmission over the blockchain network, as for example, cryptocurrencies are already addressing this problem. The generic term here is scalability but if cryptocurrencies already have problems with this topic the logical consequence is that in the field of artificial intelligence it will certainly be the same. Artiqox is exactly at this crossroads and based on the Tangle technology. Tangle makes it possible to verify data as securely and forgery-proof as possible and also eliminates the problem of speed and scalability. Both technologies allow AI components to identify and communicate with each other. The decentralized networks provide an official way to accurately track the transactions between the Intelligent Machines in real time.

Basically AIQ wants to create a hybrid bridge, which allows to use both technologies and so we want to give the future artificial intelligence all possibilities and full potential development.

The Blockchain will dominate in the next few years, you could also say, it will get a monopoly because it was the first kind of application and a revolution brought about. However, the point will come where the limits are reached and the position and efficiency of the blockchain will be more and more questioned and AIQ would like to be prepared for it.

We are seeing an ever-increasing interconnectedness of the world and the global exchange of complexity has increased, encompassing a growing number of countries and participating actors in the economy. Artificial intelligence will significantly influence value creation in the future. New AI-based working methods and forms of communication will ensure increasing data transfer and corresponding requirement profiles. At an early stage, we recognize projects that have a high level of potential in this regard and want to integrate them into our ecosystem and promote these projects and grow together with them.

Artiqox will act as a driving actor in the field of AI and accompany the world into a new age.