Artiqox staff agreement

Artiqox staff agreement Artiqox staff agreement

The following agreements are needed to ensure the high standards within the Artiqox Project. Artiqox is about highly trained professionals and will always act professional and efficient not only within the team. If you want to be part of this Vision and stand behind its idea, then read the following to ensure you know where you will go.

As an owner of an official Artiqox Account I agree to the following agreements:
  • I have a pre-specified role within Artiqox and I will act to the best of my knowledge and belief not to harm the Project or other team members.
  • Everything that is not official announced as public by one of the founders has to be treated as classified.
  • I will not give trading advices to investors / community members because this could be interpreted as price manipulation.
  • If I see a problem with other departments of Artiqox, I will inform the Senior Manager of that department immediately. If the problem cannot be solved within the departments, I will inform the administration (Founders).
  • If I get knowledge of rumors regarding Artiqox, I will inform the parent team member asap. I will not comment them, only if I really are sure, that it is really just rumors.
  • I know that the higher ranks within the Project will not be filled with people that are nice to the founders, everything is about Skill and Knowledge within Artiqox. If I have a higher rank and there will be a person that has more Skills and more knowledge than myself, I will accept the fact, that I could rank down and make space for the person that fits better in the position. There are no feelings in the positioning of ranks.
  • When there are meetings and I have no time for them, I will let my parent member know and give the member the information that are needed for a successful meeting.
  • If I am causing a public problem regarding Artiqox, I will not try to fix it myself, I will talk to the team and the team will figure out the best way to handle it.
  •  If I have concerns about things your parent member is deciding, I let them know.
  •  I know that the relationship to Artiqox is not temporary. Artiqox is built on the principle of an extreme low fluctuation.
  •  If I am a team member, i will accept that in the org chart will be my name and picture. The project is about transparency and i will assure this by showing the investors my face.
All these agreements are accepted and fully understood by me and I know that if I don’t agree to these terms, I will need to leave the project.