Visionpaper Visionpaper

Before we launched the Artiqox project we had thought about white paper. We looked at many white papers and realized that the old nature of the whitepaper didn’t fit a project like Artiqox.

A white paper usually contains a solution to a specific problem. Our project is based on one of the most rapid technologies of the future when it comes to development. Artiqox goal is to be a solution to the problems that Artificial Intelligence will face in the near future. The Artiqox Blockchain is a vector of development on which AI startups will be able to build on (formulation help needed). No one can say today what kind of Artificial Intelligence problem the Artiqox Blockchain will solve.

There are already very interesting approaches in the field of artificial intelligence today however true artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, that its true potential cannot even be defined. Even Google’s Deepmind is basically nothing more than a baby with administrative access to data centers and is still a long way from true artificial intelligence.

Our blockchain serves as a playground for professional AI Companies that use blockchain technology to solve otherwise difficult problems. Here’s a brief comparison of the people in Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” and how it goes by We do not want to be the people who ask Deep Thought “about life, the universe and the rest”, we want to be the people asking the right questions! “42” is not acceptable for us!

The continuous networking in real time of machines, facilities and products up to the customer are the goal in the future industry.

This opens up new ways of customer access, but the problem will be to handle these large amounts of data.

The topic of scalability poses a problem with future data volumes. Therefore, we want to break new ground, the network of the blockchain should allow artificial intelligence to pass on tasks to other “AI‘s” to handle a specific problem, so one “AI” passes a Task to another through the blockchain network.

But now comes the innovative approach of Artiqox, we end the “competition” between two future technologies and unite both. We will combine the blockchain and tangle technologies to create the maximum benefit. The combination of both technologies also allows a variety of other applications, thereby Artiqox will enable a structural change.

It is going to be a long development process and we’re making huge strides in the right direction every day. Our journey will bring us in a tight-knit relationship with new partners and startups. The secret to making these relationships a success is to listen to our potential partners. For this reason, we are meeting many startups and renowned AI companies in order to better understand their needs and together we will make ours and their product the standard everyone should want to achieve. All this will happen at the highest level.

The basic idea of Artiqox is perfection.

If you’ve found a problem and are exploring a solution to it, it may be beneficial for a single project or perhaps for the transaction speed of a blockchain. It may even save some power and make the world a little greener, as PoS or PoSV has shown, but still, this whitepaper should not be the cornerstone of a visionary and dynamic project.

We break this rigid mindset by naming this text as VisionPaper and wanting to show that Blockchain R & D is not about solving individual problems.

Every new blockchain should also have a vision. The vision of many projects is, in the end, a pure monetization scheme, where the founders get rich and that the technology promised isn’t delivered.

Our team will focus on a vision that is based on the development of the highest quality of technology and we believe that going live without an ICO is the best way to do so.

We also have no initial investors. All expenses are borne by the team and we believe that the project and the associated coin should be given value through facts rather than promises!