The Paper

The Paper The Paper


Our team focuses on the development of moving from innovations to mass-market products. Whereby community, startups and advanced artificial intelligence businesses make use of our blockchain technology to solve their current and or future problems.


We at Artiqox create and develop the right tools, products and services to make it easier and untrouble the daily process of achieving the most wanted goals in life or at work.


By using our creative, unique and qualitative services, we hope to achieve that your business will disentangle from any complications which is present and will flourish into a project full of productivity and life changing products.

The ultimate goal of our team is to help interested parties adapt AI into the blockchain to have the competitive advantages in their businesses.

Artiqox Blockchain Blockchain


Artiqox blockchain started in march 2018 as Proof-of-Work (POW) which is the original consensus algorithm in a Blockchain network. After that we moved to Auxiliary Proof-of-Work at block 42000 on 2018-04-22.
Finally we made a swap to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) through NXT blockchain on October 21st 2019.

No ICO and No Premine

Our project didnt have a Initial Coin Offering (ICO) because of the following reason: 

We strongly believe that the value of our coins should be measured with the usage of our ecosystem. The more users we get, the more demand there will be which will eventually result in an increase of the coin price.  

There was also no premine, every miner started equally and fairly. The total supply of our coin is set at 770 millions.


The main usage of the Artiqox coin will be on our ecosystem. By holding and using AIQ you will be benefiting from our superb products and tools such as the Artiqox’s blockchain storage, MyAIQ and the marketplace. With the upcoming Proof of Stake blockchain holders will be receiving AIE tokens which also can be used through our ecosystem.


Artiqox will be focusing on the users needs by looking at the experiences they are having and problems they are facing on their daily routines. By merging AI into the blockchain we see an elimination of time-wasting practices.


Understanding Proof of Stake (PoS)

The proof of stake was created as an alternative to proof of work (PoW) to tackle inherent issues in the latter. Artiqox has advanced to this blockchain whereby AIQ holders are rewarded the remaining AIQ coin until it reaches the max supply. The second reward with AIE. Please visit AIE page to truly understand where it stands for and where it can be used within our system.


Customers who want to use our products and tools such as MyAIQ, Artiqox blockchain storage and the marketplace, will be needing the Artiqox coin, which can be obtained from the AIQ-markets.


We believe by developing a strong, easy-to-understand services, and by informing clients about our full range of capacities where education will be involved that it will distinguish us from our competitors. Thereby with each new requests and tasks we receive, we see us growing organically which may expand rapidly.


To give you an example on the tools and products we are planning to use see below:


MyAIQ, Crypto Wallets Monitor, Crypto Trading Bot, Waves gateway and the RFB.


It is a web service supported by a set of social networks bots, where you can play games, surf social-networks and use E-services. The code is built out of the giveAIQ tool and as the usage and the features of this web service expands we will keep adding new line of codes. 

In addition to our MyAIQ we will create a unique app to keep your data secure, and within this app you can decide whether you sell or keep the data which has been collected on the Artiqox Blockchain.


It is a security tool where the users get notified when there is an actual change in their wallet balance. By creating this we are helping holders against any type of potential harm and let them act accordingly.


It is a service that provides AIQ Hodlers with automated trading of their crypto assets,it supports major exchanges. Allowed features and trading pairs is based on AIQ holding position.


Artiqox is in process of being implemented on the Waves ecosystem. Our developers are working on gateway to integrate AIQ coins within Waves ecosystem. By doing that, users can start trading on the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

Once introduced, the Waves payment gateway allow users to deposit AIQ and receive AIQ Waves tokens in exchange that are backed 1:1 by funds and held securely within the gateway. The tokens can be transferred and traded freely, or sent back to the gateway in return for the AIQ funds they represent.


Artiqox ecosystem, Storage & Marketplace


Artiqox ecosystem is the whole package we bring on the table. From the advanced blockchain that we use to the tools and services we provide. We intend to call this our ecosystem.


By using our blockchain, users will be able to store files in a simple, private and secure way. This is done by the most advanced end-to-end encrypted method. The distribution of these files find place through a decentralized network where you own the key to your data.

Artiqox blockchain ensures that everything runs without an intermediary. No person or organization can censor or deny access to this data.

We will also provide the users who are in need of file storage with hosts through ipfs worldwide. Our blockchain secures the data and enables improved and fair economics for host and users.

By doing this we are attempting to bring decentralized storage built on blockchain technology to the mainstream.

Now that you have your personal data stored and secured by our blockchain we will  empower you with an easy-to-use app where you can maintain and manage your personal data. You decide whether you want to share your data in return for the AIQ coins. The more information you share, the more AIQ coins you will earn.

The rewards are being paid monthly until you decide to cancel it.


This is where the users share their collected data with the interested parties and use our file storage through the ipfs cloud. To give you an insight on what all of these Data are on our blockchain marketplace see below:

Personal Data

Within our marketplace there will be an option for the interested parties to perform analyses on the users data. This will only be done with the consent of the providers of the data. This way we create a simple, secure and fair market where both traders benefit from.

AI Data

We provide an opportunity for all the AI interested developers to share their collected database with each other in our marketplace. This way we are attempting to speed up the adoption process of the AI into the blockchain to have the competitive advantages.


As the use case of the smart algorithm and the services of our project expands, we would like to introduce healthcare companies and patients to our blockchain to share their healthcare data to the medical researchers and AI innovators for an inevitable deal.



Notel Poland, a leading European mobile application provider that allows measurements of radio coverage provided by the RF BENCHMARK platform, has announced the launch of a new project whose purpose is to create a solution based on Big Data and Blockchain to reduce workload and the infrastructure cost.

By implementing it on the blockchain they see a new way to expand user and customer database.

The scope of this project consists of individual tasks assigned to the Notel Poland R&D team and the partner company, tasks can be found here.

We at Artiqox have made a deal with Notel Poland on delivering parts of these individual tasks in return for the RFB-token which can be used by companies such as the ISP and the Mobile operators and any other companies who is interested in users bandwidth. 

For every task we complete, we will be rewarded in percentage of the total RFBToken supply and/or access to RFB data which the developers and the holders of Artiqox can benefit from.

Holders of the AIQ coin will be rewarded more RFB-tokens by holding AIQ coin and running the RFB (the RF BENCHMARK) application simultaneously.

More content will be added as Artiqox progresses.