F.A.Q. F.A.Q.

The name is basically an art-form of the words "Artificial", "cognitive" and "x", the symbol the future. Artificial intelligence should be based on cognitive thinking in future. Google's DeepMind is showing a nice example of how to start a tech like that.

AIQ is a common term in the Artificial Intelligence industry. AIQ is a mix of AI and IQ and is a measurement for the "Artificial Intelligence Quotient"

The whole project is privately funded by the team and through the merchandise sale on Spreadshirt right now. In the future there will be more features that will get more capital in the project.

The project started in early March 2018.

Because it will be one of the biggest industries in future, it has the ability to grow and we think that a science like this should be supported in the best way.

When the mining started the difficulty went up very quickly. We then wanted to give the people the chance to get some AIQ coins early and cheap. In that way the community can grow with the project.

There are three ways of getting AIQ right now: 1 - Buy them in an exchange. 2 - Mine them through a mining pool. 3 - Get some for free in the Telegram when you are a community member that is liked by others.

The difficulty is too high for wallet mining (CPU and GPU) . You have to mine on a mining pool or rent some mining power.

The whole project is based on "Hitchhiker's guide to galaxy" from Douglas Adams. Even the Genesis Block of the blockchain has a quote from Douglas Adams hidden in it. 42 is the Almighty Answer to the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything.